How to File a Roofing Claim with Your Insurance

When you realize that your roof has been damaged, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to afford to be able to fix it. While insurance policies don’t cover repairs because of standard wear and tear, if your roof needs a repair or replacement due to fire, high winds, vandalism, hail, tornado or hurricane, most homeowners insurance policies will cover the damages.

It is important to know how to file a roof repair insurance claim if you are ever in need. Follow these tips to successfully file for roofing damage and repairs in Gillette, WY.

Know what’s covered

Before filing a claim, make sure you know what will be covered. Companies handle insurance claims in different ways, so read your specific policy for more insight. In some cases, the age of your roof might be taken into consideration, with the insurance company offering full-cost coverage for newer roofs while only covering the depreciated value for older roofs. Some policies will only cover partial costs, regardless of age, or only cover costs for certain types of damages. Read through your existing policy and contact your insurance agent for clarification before filing for roofing damage and repairs in Gillette, WY.

Inspect the damage and take pictures

Once it is safe to do so, check the condition of the roof. Hire a professional to write a report to use when filing your insurance claim. A roofing contractor will be able to tell if there are any hidden damages, such as to the inside of the roof. The contractor can take pictures and add explanations during their inspection, and you can use these when filing your claim. After the repairs are done, take a photo of the roof and document the date and time of the repairs for potential future claims.

Call your insurance company

Once you know what is covered and have documented the damage, call your insurance agent to file your claim. Make sure you file as soon as possible, because some policies require that you file within a certain timeframe. Keep any estimates and paperwork you receive, and submit any reports or pictures you have as needed. An agent will schedule a home visit, and they may conduct an additional inspection. Afterwards, your claim will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected.

Hire a great roofing contractor

Once your claim has been accepted and you are satisfied with the amount you have been given by the insurance company, it’s time to hire a great roofing contractor to repair or replace your roof. Talk to the contractor about the amount you have been offered by your insurance company and discuss the damage and repair options that are available to you.

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