The Pros and Cons of Shingle Roofing

Across the United States, the most common type of roofing material is asphalt shingles, by a large margin. That said, asphalt shingles aren’t the only option on the market. There are concrete and clay tiles, metal roofing, shake roofing, slate roofing and an enormous variety of synthetic roofing products—but most people eventually choose asphalt shingles. What makes asphalt shingle roofing services in Wyoming so desirable? And what are the drawbacks of asphalt shingles, if any? Read on to find out.

Shingles are cheap

One of the primary benefits of asphalt shingles is how cost-effective they can be. Shingles are easily the most affordable roofing option. In addition, the routine maintenance required to keep your shingle roof in good condition is typically very affordable.

Protect your roof

In addition to being affordable, asphalt shingles are also great for your roof. They’re naturally fire-resistant and lightweight. That last bit means that when the snows start to fall during the harsh Wyoming winter, the extra weight won’t become burdensome to your roof.

Repair and replacement

One of the most significant drawbacks of asphalt shingles is that they are individually weak. While a cohesive asphalt shingle roof will hold up reasonably well, individual shingles may not make it through severe storms, high winds and all the other elements Wyoming can throw its way.

That said, a quality roofing contractor in Wyoming will be capable of repairing minor damage to shingle roofs without you facing a huge price tag.


Because they’re so lightweight and so inexpensive, asphalt shingles are also very easy to install. That makes the shingle installation process much quicker than other materials. Often, a qualified team of roofers can install a new asphalt shingle roof in just a few days.

No flat roofs

If your home has a flat roof, asphalt shingles aren’t for you. When they’re subjected to the full force of UV rays, asphalt shingles break down much quicker than when they’re affixed to a steeply-sloped roof.

An improving environmental record

For the longest time, asphalt shingles had a lousy track record when it came to the environment. Thanks to growing awareness and innovations in the industry, that is changing. Today’s roofers can affix asphalt shingles to older layers of shingles, thereby diminishing the amount of refuse that ends up in the landfill. Other roofers have begun recycling shingles to ensure they aren’t putting a strain on valuable resources.

Your roofing headquarters

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