Time to Winterize Your Roof!

Protecting your home against the elements involves constantly paying attention to the weather and its many changes. So, as temperatures start to cool down, you’ll want to make sure your entire home is ready to deal with the upcoming Wyoming winter. This means paying close attention to your roof, in particular—the snow and ice can really take a toll on your roof if you’re not careful. You want to be certain you’re doing everything necessary to prep your roof for these conditions, and enlisting the services of a trustworthy roofing contractor in Wyoming is a great start.

Here are three key steps you can take to ensure your roof is ready for winter.

Clean your gutters

If you do nothing else to winterize your roof, clean the gutters. It’s quite simply the most important thing you can do because it affects just about everything else. If your gutters are clogged with sticks, leaves and other debris, melting snow will have nowhere to run. This means it can re-freeze inside your gutters, which can cause the gutters to become so heavy that they tear right off your home.

Having a professional roofer clean your gutters also provides a number of other benefits associated with having a trained professional getting their eyes on your roof. Quality roofing services in Wyoming know how to look for signs of wear and tear, like damaged shingles or animal infestation, so scheduling gutter cleaning is a great way to kill multiple birds with one stone.

Spring for a fall inspection

Even if you like to clean your own gutters, it’s still a good idea to schedule a fall roof inspection. Roofers are typically running around all summer, and the fall can be a period when they have a bit more downtime. This means a roofing contractor in Wyoming will likely be available to give your roof the close look it deserves. They can identify the potential problems and the minor issues that can quickly turn into major repairs if left unattended. You’ll save time and money by opting for these periodic inspections.

Check the attic

The condition of your attic actually has a large impact on how your roof handles winter weather. For example, if you have too little attic insulation, your roof will warm up too much. This makes the surface ripe for ice dams, which are caused by melting and re-freezing snow. They can make it easy for water to work its way back up under shingles, or even tear off portions of the roof if they become heavy enough. Have a roofing contractor in Wyoming take a look at your attic as well as the roof itself, and take their recommendations into consideration.

While it can be harsh in these parts, wintertime doesn’t have to spell disaster for your home or your roof. By practicing some regular vigilance and maintenance, you can feel confident that you’re staying ahead of any risks. Give Drury Brothers Roofing Wyoming a call today for your free consultation, and we can help ensure your roof is ready to go for years to come.

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